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Our Vision

We provide an exobrain that enhances and automates the management of supply chain and operation exceptions. DFYA is not just a software: we also share our unique experience of business translators and transformation leaders.

Transform Your Operations While You Perform

DFYA leverages a LEGO-brick approach to easily transform while you perform. Your digital journey becomes effortless by using simple steps, copilot by copilot, designed to provide a seamless and efficient start promptly.

You move from single-use, disposable technology assets to adopting recomposable, multifunctional, and integrated solutions.

Your Exobrain is built while performing to boost your overall execution.

Proven Approach

Quickly operationalize data science and AI

Optimised Assets

Maximise the use of your existing technical assets

Fast to Value

Foster adoption and scale quick with value

Flexible Plan

Love the solution or leave the subscription

Once your company is equipped with an Exobrain

By leveraging an exobrain, you optimize your operations with data science, AI, and autonomous systems to achieve hyper-performance. With an exobrain, you:

  • Dismantle silos for optimal organization

  • Operationalize data science and AI for scaled decisions

  • Accelerate the process with automation from analysis to decision, execution and collaboration

  • Continuously improve your decisions thanks to decision analytics


9b Rue des Moines Saint-Martin, 94360 Bry-sur-Marne, France

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